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Use Lyfwins App to call the nearest Ambulance with a doctor. With Lyfwins, your patient is in safe hands right from the time they board the ambulance. Call the nearest Advance Life Support (ALS) Ambulance with a doctor.


Find the best hospital as per the medical emergency. We display only those hospitals name, contact number, daily charges, initial deposit, distance & route from your location, which have VACANT ICU, NICU, IPCU Beds & VENTILATORS at present. This information is available free of cost to all 24x7.


Having encountered numerous instances where lives were lost simply due to a lack of proper information about the availablity of an emergency 24 HRS Medical Stores During Any Medical Emergency.


Download and use LyfWins app to find Best,Convenient and cost effective Diagnostic Centres such as PATHOLOGY LABS,X-Ray,Sonography Centres,CT Scan,MRI Centres nearby you.